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Vehicle modifications

Ensuring your vehicle is compliant with UK regulations is a critical step towards road registration. At The Car Import, based on our years of experience, we provide some guidance on what most vehicles are typically subjected to, but each vehicle remains unique. Listed below are a few of the items required.

* Replacing springs and shocks with certified components for proper ground clearance and performance.
* Checking and adjusting wheel angles after suspension modifications.

Exhaust system
* Installation of a certified emission-compliant muffler.
* Retention of the original catalytic converter.

* Replacement of headlights and lights with certified components with appropriate characteristics.
* Adjustment of the headlight beam after installation.

Tires and rims
* Installation of certified tires with approved tread to match the size and load of the vehicle.

Electrical modifications
* Installation of additional electrical equipment using certified components and wiring.

After any modifications are made, the vehicle must be fully inspected for compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) certificates will be required to demonstrate compliance with the regulations. The Car Import Company recommends that you contact a qualified professional to carry out this work and complete the necessary certification procedures.

It is also very important. Failure to ensure that the vehicle complies with the regulations after modifications have been made can result in serious consequences and operational infringements in the UK.

Most importantly it is a refusal of registration. The DVSA will refuse to issue an SVA for a vehicle with uncertified modifications, preventing the vehicle from being registered for use on public roads.

Failure to pass the MOT – During the annual MOT inspection, the vehicle will be found not to meet safety standards if the modifications have not been properly certified.

Penalties from law enforcement agencies Using a vehicle with illegal modifications on the roads can result in significant fines and penalties from police and local authorities.

Cancellation and denial of insurance coverage endorsements. Insurance companies may refuse to pay out on a claim or cancel a policy if a vehicle has been modified without complying with IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) requirements.

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We will gladly take on all the hassle of importing a car to the UK.

Our goal is to make the car import process as simple and stress-free as possible for you. Multilingual support for your comfort: We speak the client’s language! Your comfort is our priority.


Car Import

Car Import

Our company provides a wide range of services for importing vehicles from abroad.

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

The Car Import specialists will prepare all the necessary documentation and carry out the vehicle registration procedure.

Registration DVLA

Registration DVLA

Our company offers the full range of services required to register your imported vehicle with the DVLA using the V55 for imported vehicles.

IVA Testing

IVA Testing

We provide a modification service to help you successfully pass the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) procedure.